Christian Marriage

Christian Wedding a Colorful Celebration Will Make You Smile

Christian weddings are celebrated with lots of custom celebrations to the holy union of the couple. On the wedding day matchmaking Christian couple exchanges their wedding vows for the entire life. Christians are highly attached with Jesus Christ as they are the great follower of his morals and teachings. Christian marriages are mostly performed in the church that is decorated with awesome dazzling lights, candles and more decoration. This day brings close to the couple in a lifetime relationship. Matrimony is a beautiful ceremony comprises a lot of custom celebrations and obligations towards the accomplishment of this special day occasion.   

Wedding Stylish Attire    

Wedding ceremony is very special to Christian bride and groom that brings extremely joyous moments and memories which they want to capture in wedding videos and photographs to make fresh their memories & feelings later. A Christian bride wears beautiful long tailored white costume that is embroidered design. And Christian groom wears black traditional coat pant on the wedding day special. A groom keeps a bouquet and wait for bride outside the church.  

Wedding Rituals and Customs  

Christian matrimonial custom and traditions takes a place with full of celebrations and joyous sources to get more fun. These customary formalities play a big role to the better accomplishment of the wedding ceremony. Wedding custom and rituals are not meaningless took dominant place here like:  

Seating of the Family On opposite sides:  All the invited guests like family friends and close relatives are seated opposite side of the church. They are all enjoyed holy union of the couple in the church.  

Groom enters first:  Groom takes initiative to establish this forever relationship. Groom enters first in the church to precede wedding ceremony. After soon bride visits to church where groom family is much excited to welcome for bride. Priest asks the couple will you marry him. And then go for groom will you marry her? If the couple said yes they come close for loving kiss. The couple also keep wedding vows in front of assembles guests who are present at the holy place.  

With this custom couples seeks for blessing of Jesus Christ and happily takes departure from the church. Now they are legally husband and wife who spend entire life together. Muslim matrimony sites and Punjabi matrimony sites are very helpful to find their life partner online with perfect matching.

Reception: Reception party is performed for the big welcome of bride as she enters first time into her mother-in-law house. All guests and hosts are enjoyed having dance, music and dinner together.

Christian marriage

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