Punjabi Wedding

Sacred Rituals Of an Indian Punjabi Wedding in an Elaborate Manner

Sacred is the word which is associated with Punjabi at every instance in life. This is not an irony of the statement but the fact is that they want every thing to be sacred in their life whether it is water, food, milk, honey or their sweetheart. The Punjabi culture which is all about adoring the Guru Granth Sahib Ji along with considering their wife as their perfect soulmate gets changed after or not depends upon their wishes but the rituals are the most sacred again. In this way, the fun-loving people go to find the most lavish ways of an opportunity to marry the soul mate.

Now, although the rituals are many but the few which starts the marriage along with the penultimate ones could be found here in the little elaborate ways:

Roka and thaka: The Roka and Thaka is the aspect of satisfactory which is visiting the groom’s place and get their blessings with the family reciprocating with open arms and the beginning of relationship between two families with small puja called Ardass.

Mangni/ Sagai: The Mangani/ Sagai     is the ceremony that marks official engagement between the couple. It is a grand ceremony and precedes wedding after some months. The bride is boiled     with rice and milk by groom’s family with celebrating the sagai ceremony.

Sagun and Chunni Chadai: The sagun and Chunni Chadai is the most important aspect with the offering to the bride;s family with the gifted jewelry like bangles along with intricate embellished head scarf or the pallu with tiny dot of heena applied on palm thus making the ceremony auspicious.

Sangeet: The Sangeet is a musical party which happens just few days before marriage and the ladies of bride’s family get together and perform in the most wild and whacky ways to the tune from childhood to days before marriage with simple being not a word in their dictionary these days. 

Mehndi: The Mehndi ceremony is an important aspect of the Punjabi matrimony Wedding where the heena is applied on her hands and feet. In this way, she becomes more sacred and also on the groom’s palm thus making them pious and sacred.

Wedding attires: The Punjabi Muslim matrimony Groom traditionally wear a set of Kurta Pyjama to the wedding. The Kurta Pyjama along with the generally lavish along with elaborate thread work and bead work  and stone decoration which are gems.

These all things i.e. rituals well said and done comes the wedding day when the Sardar or the Punjabi Puttar rides a ghodi and reaches the Gurdwara Sahib to marry the bride with the Dulha getting down few steps away from the Gurdwara Sahib and reaching their by foot after which the wedding takes place and finally reception takes place by evening.   

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